April 9, 2016

Apo Island Adventure

It's been awhile since the last time I had my vacation. When Gayee my roommate before told us that she and her office mates will go to Apo Island... Mara, Jack and I decided to join their team..the more the merrier! right!? Unfortunately Jack backed out on the very last minute.

We started the trip going to Dumaguete at dawn, Gayee and her friends took the 3am bus  going to Liloan port and I just join them at Carcar.  We arrived at Liloan port at around 6am then we took the fast craft going to Sibulan Port. And  Negros here we are!!!!! Since we are now a group of seven, we tried to haggle for a multicab ( locally called easy ride) going to Malatapay, the jump off point to Apo Island.  Luckily we were able to get a multicab for Php 800 and we just picked up Mara along the way.

Malatapay is the jumped off point for Apo Island. My friend's friend had contacted a boatman ahead so we just register at the coastguard counter while waiting for our boat. The boat is Php 3,000 good for 10 persons.


welcome aboard!
 The water in the shoreline is quiet deep (just around your waist plus the waves, it would reach until your chest), before you can hop in to your boat you're already wet. The travel towards Apo Island is a little bit shaky, waves splashed left and right(sort of exaggerated but it's true). But you don't have to worry about your personal belongings and gadgets that might get wet because the boatmen would secure it first.

At Apo Island you have to pay for a registration of Php 100 for local tourists and Php 25 for Negros Orienal residents.

What to do at Apo Island

Before you can go swimming with the turtles, you have to pay for a guide at Php 300 good for 4 persons plus 100 for snorkel mask and 100 for life vest. In our case they allow us with only 1 guide so we divided the Php 300 by 7..(tipid...)

Am not a swimmer and I don't even know how to swim..thanks to the one who invented the "salbabida" I enjoyed swimming with the turtles.  I wasn't really expecting that the turtles are that big..(first time ko)
Lots of colorful fishes and corals can be seen just on the shore of the island. 

There are other activities that the Island has to offer.  On our way back to Dumaguete, there were groups who were preparing for Diving. You can also trek to the Island's Lighthouse, got carried by the waves towards the shore. Other's opt for an overnight stay at the island's resorts or do camping at the shore.

Am not sure if other locals would accept guest for an overnight stay but some locals would serve lunch/dinner at an affordable price.

Since we were afraid that the waves would grew bigger in the afternoon, we agreed with the boatmen that we would return to Dumaguete at 2:00pm.  And we have to find for a place to stay in Dumaguete as well. We were able to hire a tricycle from Malatapay to Harold's Mansion where the driver charge us of Php 50/person.

 Fortunately, Harold's Mansion has vacant room. We took the suite room and add extra person for Php 1,775 which we divide to ourselves. It's a spacious, air condition room with free breakfast. After we had freshen up, it's time to explore the City of Dumaguete...

@ Harold's Mansion's roof deck

tempura and balut @ the boulevard

waiting for the tempura to be served  :)

April 7, 2016

Behind those Shells

I've seen eggs, chicks, hens and roosters for long but seeing an egg cracked then a tiny creature creep out is something that I wanted to witness personally.  And yes, the  child in me came to life.  I spent like a day waiting for the chick to completely came out of the shell.

Chicks were supposed to hatched in the 21st day of incubation.  Incubation can be a natural process(the hen would stay on the nest for 21 days) or with the help of an incubator.

Minutes after..hola! the chick is out...

August 22, 2011

Looking back High School Life

After 10 long years we were able to gather, meet up and talk about our lives. Our lives after we get out from the portals of our Alma matter.  Surprisingly most of us are the same, way back then,,just got the sense of maturity though. 

Others have their own families, some are just starting and the remaining are still planning...

We had a two-part reunion held in near resorts for the convenient of everybody.  First part was at Ruvi Cave in Minglanilla. Here are some pictures of the attendees:

this is the pool

maythel, rachel,me & mare

ishna, ybel & mare

jenny fay w/ her baby & aime with alexa

ishna under the heat of the sun

girlie with her baby

grabh pakals bai mund

girlie's son and alexa

girlie with her son, alexa and aime

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adab, junriel & mare

raymund agen!

dyame teaching maythel and aime as the auience

asa ang camera?

wat can ya say!

jovelyn, rachel & adab

maythel goin solo

mare and april

love team?

It was fun and once in a lifetime experience..looking back the things we did before, silly or not but that  made high school years fun and exciting.  

Part 2 and more photos would be posted next...lol..